About Anant Dham

Anant Dham is dedicated to the common man to experience ‘the whole world is one family’ by releasing your hidden potent energy. This divine energy is the only guide to bring about world peace, love, compassion, forgiveness and trust. To live  a virtuous lifestyle away from superstitions and stress.

The Objective of Anant Dham is to bring out the divinity in fellow beings and service to the suffering humanity in all possible ways to support human development. We believe service to human is service to God.

To promote  health and wellbeing, bring about awareness in people is one of the responsibilities of Anant Pariwar. To arrange free medical camps. To promote both ancient and modern health systems. Only a healthy body can cater  a healthy and intelligent mind.

For upliftment of women and for opening sources of earning, various art and craft works, tailoring stitching, candle making, computer education etc. Vocational training is conducted by experts in the field. Awareness through small groups, to train women to protect themselves from bad elements in the society. Help her to stand on her own feet and to support her to be strong and vibrant to create and an ideal society is one of the major objectives of Anant Pariwar. To establish dowry free marriages and to support poor women in getting  married.

Through water preservation, rain water to be effectively utilized for agriculture and to increase the ground water table.

To make and maintain a clean and neat atmosphere,  Anant Dham also creates awareness for a plastic free surrounding, to plant trees and make the villages a serene place to support healthy living.

Anant Pariwar strongly insists on de addiction programmes to uproot the mother of all immoralities.

Through “Sat Sang” and discourses, Anant Dham brings out the hidden virtues and values in people to create beautiful individuals and to cater a stress free lifestyle and better mind control.

Conduct open discussions on modern scientific findings and ancient spirituality. Provide positive outlook and guidance to every needy individual.

To create an incomparable Global family- “Anant Pariwar” having Anant Seva Kunj, women’s center, Anant Brahmasram (spiritual Abode) and an Anant old age home. To nurture Indian culture and values in ‘youth’ to create ideal citizens. To publish valuable literature and create a rich library.

Anant Dham imparts nothing less than real experience of divine. ‘Every Atom is god’ should not be a mere intellectual phenomena, but a living experience. “Everything is Divine”. Experience Aham Brahmasmi (I am God) Shivoham (I am Shiva). All beings are our beloved.

Beloved Atman, come to us to experience immortal bliss of being without negating your worldly responsibilities. This is the blessed opportunity to live with Anant Pariwar as one family. Learn and live the Anant way of vibrant life in bliss and fullness while protecting our Mother Earth.

One caste, One religion and One god….“One in all and all in One”